Top 4 Mindset Myths That Hold Riders Back

There are four myths discussed in this article regarding riding horses.

The first myth is that people think they’re not good enough to be riders because they aren’t naturally inclined to be the best at riding. With a bit more effort anyone can be a great rider.

The second myth it feels like it takes years to learn, but the people are able to develop feels much quicker as long as they pay attention to everything the horse and rider experience. Ask questions as to why the horse is behaving that way whenever you do express a command to your horse.

The third myth is the belief you can’t be a successful rider if you don’t have all the resources and equipment you need. As long as you have a horse and time, you are able to succeed as a rider.

The last myth is about riders who are worried that they will ruin their horses during training. If training doesn’t go well, people might quit and that’s not a good idea. Take it day by day and continue the training in a safe manner to both horse and rider.

Key Takeaways:

  • The article disproves common myths that keep people from wanting to try horseback riding. It states these myths and offers up ways to overcome them.
  • A person does not need to spend a lot of money on equipment to ride horses. Items can be borrowed from others.
  • Do not fear that you will “ruin” your horse and worry about doing things to cause damage because this will cause you to not use your horse at all.

“If you have a horse to work with, you are already ahead of so many other riders. If you don’t have a horse to work with, make a plan! There are so many ways that you can involve yourself with horses or a horse. Be helpful, be useful, be willing and see what opportunities open up for you.”

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