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equi-ice creator - Physio Tom

“My #1 inspiration lies with the welfare of the animal. The expression 'actions speak louder than words’ is extremely relevant to my job as I can see immediately in the horses’ behaviour that they are not only enjoying the treatment but are relaxed and happy afterwards.”

Equi-Ice Creator: Physio Tom

As a specialist Equine Physiotherapist, I’ve worked in the Australian Equine Industry treating performance horses for over 10 years, and have been honoured to work with many of Australia’s top stables, trainers and performance horses during this time.

Day in day out, I work with veterinarians to ensure horse health and optimal performance. When horses are healthy, they are able to perform at their best, with longer and more successful careers.

Icing, or Cold Therapy, has always been one of the methods I use in my treatment regimes with the horses I work with to facilitate post-exercise recovery, effectively treat injury, and reduce core body temperature in warmer climates, which derives additional benefits in overall horse health. Immediately after strenuous exercise, or for the treatment of injury, the application of ice works to decrease swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm by temporarily.

Frustrated by traditional methods that weren’t seeing the promised benefits from Icing, I set out about 5 years ago to develop a better solution. Years, and many prototypes later, I am extremely proud to finally bring Equi-Ice to market and make this ice pack available to horse professionals and enthusiasts across the world.

The Science Behind Equi-Ice

Equi-Ice is a simple product – but the science and thought that has gone into it’s design is anything but. We have tested sizes, product materials and design structures to maximize the benefit to the horse (and owner) from using this product.

I’m incredibly passionate about the numerous health benefits that icing brings to horses, and to make the application of ice the most effective it can be, I designed and created the Equi-Ice ice pack especially for horses, with their physiology and needs in mind. The sectioned design holds ice in the correct position, and the double layered mesh allows the benefits of direct ice application to the horse, held in a sealed ice pack for measured drip and insulated cold release.

So if you’re not currently using icing after strenuous exercise with your horse – whether it’s a performance horse, or just your beloved pet, I strongly encourage you to talk to your vet, equine physiotherapist, or look through the equi-ice website for more information on how icing can benefit your horse.

For more information about my equine physiotherapy services, please see my Equine Performance Physio website or check out my blog – PhysioTom.

I welcome any feedback you have about this product, and how your horse responds to it. Feel free to email me from the Contact Us page with any questions or concerns.