Far more effective in getting heart rates down

At Dial Range Endurance Arabians, have been using the ice packs to successfully lower the hearts rates in competition on our horses. We find the Equi-Ice ice packs easy to use, and no trouble to fill up or empty and clean. After coming in at the end of a loop, we immediately put the ice pack on the back and neck of horse. This results in a very quick drop in horses heart rates. Because the ice is held within the pack there is no worry about the ice directly on the horses skin.

We believe that the ice pack is far more effective in getting heart rates down, than just using cold water on the horse.

Tracey Wyllie Dial Range Endurance Arabians

Horses love it and it's effective

I have always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of horses and as a sportsman I know how crucial physiotherapy is in my stable. Tom has spoken to me about his product Equi-Ice for many years and I have seen the product develop over that time.

Equi-Ice is now one of the most important pieces of equipment in my stable for recovery and management of acute back pain. It’s quick to set up, horses love it, and best of all it's effective.

James Cummings Head Trainer, Godolphin Racing

Plays a key part in recovery and performance

When Tom first introduced to me the idea of Equi-Ice I could not wait to see the results and I have not been disappointed. Daily management of these equine athletes is essential and this fantastic icing product now plays a key part in recovery and performance in my Godolphin stables.

I see the benefit on and off the track and I think if you are serious about equine welfare and performance you need an Equi-Ice ice pack!

John O'Shea Leading Trainer