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The Smartest Way To Apply Cold Therapy To Your Horse Or Dog


This is the most advanced, versatile and effective way to apply cold therapy to your horses back and sacroiliac/hind limb region. Treat an injury or simply use for daily recovery Equi-Ice will reduce inflammation and pain, promote faster recovery post exercise, reduce body core temperature and assist in relief from heat stress.

Start treating your horse like an athlete and ensure you have your own Equi-Ice!


Does your dog suffer in the heat? You need an Equi-Ice!

For relief in the heat or recovery post exercise, used as a cooling blanket or mat Equi-Ice will become your dogs best friend. With the advantage of using live ice or gel packs this is clearly the most superior way to cool your dog.


Horses love it and it's effective

I have always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of horses and as a sportsman I know how crucial physiotherapy is in my stable. Tom has spoken to me about his product Equi-Ice for many years and I have seen the product develop over that time.

Equi-Ice is now one of the most important pieces of equipment in my stable for recovery and management of acute back pain. It’s quick to set up, horses love it, and best of all it's effective.

James Cummings Head Trainer, Godolphin Racing

Plays a key part in recovery and performance

When Tom first introduced to me the idea of Equi-Ice I could not wait to see the results and I have not been disappointed. Daily management of these equine athletes is essential and this fantastic icing product now plays a key part in recovery and performance in my Godolphin stables.

I see the benefit on and off the track and I think if you are serious about equine welfare and performance you need an Equi-Ice ice pack!

John O'Shea Leading Trainer

Equi-Ice is part of our daily routine

I absolutely love Equi-ice! This fantastic product now plays a key role in my stable, and Paul and I have had huge success with it. You can see the relief on the horses when it is applied, and as a horseman, I love the fact they stand there and enjoy every minute of it.

Equi-Ice has now become part of our daily routine and I suggest it should be part of yours.

Peter Snowden Snowden Racing