Sydney International Horse Trials 3DE

Have you heard? One of the biggest weekends in eventing is almost here! And we will be there.  The Sydney International Horse Trials are on from the 11th -14th May.

If you don’t already know, eventing is very similar to a triathlon, three phases – dressage, cross country and show jumping.  Each requiring different skills and having their own challenges!

Dressage is all about the horse and rider performing a series of movements, showcasing harmony and making movements seem effortless.  By far the most difficult, is the cross country phase.  A challenging 45 jumping efforts over fixed obstacles where speed, endurance and ability is tested.  Finally, show jumping is usually the final phase, proving that horse and rider can withstand three days of strenuous exercise.

There has never been an equine discipline more suited to Equi-Ice than Three Day Eventing! When recovery is key, especially following the cross country, for performance Equi-Ice can be the difference! Whether is is for cooling down more quickly, assisting in soft tissue recovery not to mention reducing inflammation for any bumps or bruises that may have occurred along the way Equi-Ice can help!

We are so excited to be a part of Tony and the team at Brighton Saddlery this weekend, come and say hello!

To see how to best use your Equi-Ice make sure you watch the video, located here.

Physio Tom.