qui-Ice Horse Combo Pack - Neck and Back
Equi-Ice Horse Combo Pack

Equi-Ice Cold Therapy Neck and Back Combo Pack


Combined bundle of both the neck and back Equi-Ice cold therapy packs. Save $39.95

Large:  59cm (L) X 63cm (W). Suitable for larger horses.

Buy 2 or more and get a discount.

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Product Description


Equi-Ice delivers the benefits of cold therapy to your horse immediately after exercise in a convenient, durable and re-useable ice pack.

Designed by Australia’s leading specialist equine physiotherapist, Tom Simpson,  Equi-Ice is specifically created for the anatomy of the horse. It’s sectioned design ensures maximum coverage of direct ice application to your horse’s spine and back muscles. This even placement during icing results in a faster recovery for your horse post-exercise or injury.

During icing, each compartment is filled with ice and the ice pack is placed gently onto the horse’s back in the saddle area. Equi-Ice is not to be tied onto the horse.

Neck Pack

The Equi-Ice neck pack provides targeted relief from pain and heat stress, as well as aiding heart rate recovery post-exercise. It’s adaptable design affords the user the option to use if for post-race recovery by placing it in direct contact with the large blood vessels below the neck and cooling the blood as it returns to the heart. Heat stress and core temperature cooling with the same positional application and pain relief for neck pain and to assist in reducing swelling at the site of an injection reaction. It can also be applied simultaneously with the Equi-Ice backpack for complete and thorough body cooling and reduction of core temperature.

After 15-20 minutes, the ice pack can be removed and the horse towel dried.

Equi-Ice is most effective when used immediately after strenuous exercise. You should be guided by your veterinarian or physiotherapist as to the recommended frequency of application.  If your horse appears in pain or you are concerned about your horse’s back health, you should always consult your treating veterinarian for advice before using Equi-Ice.

Equi-Ice Use Areas

Equi-Ice is suitable for icing the following muscle areas on your horse:

• Wither region
• Thoracolumbar spine
• Lumbosacral region
• Sacroiliac region
• Costovertebral joints
• Large back muscles
• Gluteal muscles
• Upper hamstring muscles

Product Details

Made from technologically advanced mesh netting and neoprene, Equi-Ice provides your horse with even cold insulation and measured melting of ice in a sealed, ice pack.

Designed & finished in Australia with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Large:  59cm (L) X 63cm (W). Suitable for larger horses

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