Laura Wallace heads to Adelaide

The Mitsubishi Motors Australian (MMA) International 3 Day Event will see some of the Australias best riders converge upon Adelaide from the 16h to the 19th of November. Of these riders is one of our proud members of team Equi-Ice, Laura Wallace, from Burwood Eventing.

Laura who hails from New Zealand is a talented event rider who relocated to Australia in 2007, and is now based in the Southern Highlands at Bowral. Laura trains and competes a string of talented horses from introductory up to 3-4 star level. She has also spent time in the UK competing and training as part of New Zealand’s high-performance team. Upon her return to Australia, Laura has been busy with acquiring ‘horsewerks’ an equestrian retail business as well as bringing along the next generation of eventing stars including some off the track thoroughbreds all of which are current fans of the Equi-Ice cooling system.

So how will Laura use the Equi-Ice for maximum effect and performance in Adealide?


The great thing about Equi-Ice is its versatility. For example, In Adelaide, they neck and back ice pack will both be put to good use following cross country to assist in reducing body core temperature and heart rate as quickly as possible. The Equi-Ice for the neck is applied immediately and sits straight onto the large arteries of the neck which will immediately cool the blood flow system and assist in reducing heart rate. The Equi-Ice for the back is applied over the back following the first bout of ice water that it is applied and assists in reducing the temperature of the muscles and ultimately body core temperature. You can remove and re apply in turn with the ice water and scraping.

That’s only the start! Form there Laura will employ a consistent icing regime to manage any aches and pains over the next 12 hours to ensure her horses pass the trot ups necessary to participate in the show jumping and ultimately have a chance of winning the competition. The versatility of the Equi-Ice means that Laura can effectively ice anywhere from the wither to the sacroiliac region ensuring that her horses are in the best possible shape they can be!

The following morning when movement and blood flow is required Laura transforms her Equi-Ice into an Equi-Heat!! By using the gel packs that insert easily into the divisions in the pack the soft tissue structures are heated and used to encourage blood flow and soften the soft tissue structures ready for trot ups and hopefully a successful bout of show jumping!!