How to stretch a horses hamstring

How To Stretch A Horse’s Hamstring

To stretch this muscle you also need to look after yourself. image3

Horses weigh a lot and some will not always weight bare the rest of themselves during the stretch so you need to make it the most comfiest and safest for yourself.

You should take the weight of the horse through your hips, bending your knees as resting the horse’s leg on your leg supporting the hock with your hand.

image2The horse will feel more stable with this method and will therefore be more tolerant to stretch and relax. Always let the horse know you are about to pick up their back legs by running your hand alongside them and running your hand down the leg to pick it up especially if you are not familiar with the horse.

Hold each stretch for as long as the horse will allow you but ideally 30 seconds is an adequate stretch and repeat 3 times on each leg.

Only take the leg as forward as the horse is willing to and often they will favour one leg more than the other.