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Horse Racing’s Leading Trainers Embrace Icing For Equine Performance Recovery

While Equi-Ice has only just been launched commercially, this equine performance recovery system has been tested for well over 12 months with some of Australia’s leading stables and trainers on an incredible array of performance horses. All users of the product quickly see the benefits with faster recovery and healthier horses who are able to perform when needed. So it goes without saying that the list of advocates for this simple but effective icing product are growing rapidly. 

Equine Performance Recovery: What Trainers Say About Using Equi-Ice

Peter Snowden, of Snowden Racing, has said “Equi-Ice is now an integral part of our training regime”. Watch this interview with Peter to hear directly from this legend of the track how he feels about Equi-Ice.

James Cummings from Cummings Racing, has said “Equi-Ice is one of the most important pieces of equipment” in his stable, and is used on many horses for post exercise recovery and management of acute back pain. The ease to set up, effectiveness and reaction from horses has been most appealing about the product.

John O’Shea from Godolphin Racing, was intrigued when Tom first introduced the ice of Equi-Ice, and has not been disappointed with the results. John says “icing with the Equi-Ice product now plays a key part in recovery and performance in my Godolphin stables.”

While some of Australia’s biggest names in racing are sold on Equi-Ice, Physio Tom is clear the applications for the product are more far reaching than just the racehorse market.

Tracey Wylllie, from Dial Range Endurance Arabians, has been using Equi-Ice for some time to lower the hearts rates during competition on their horses. “After coming in at the end of a loop, we immediately put the ice pack on the back and neck of horse. This results in a very quick drop in horses heart rates, allowing them to recover quicker than just hosing them down.”

Horses in hot climates will also benefit from using Equi-Ice for equine performance recovery.  With the application of ice in this measured way helping to lower core body temperatures and foster faster heart rate recovery quicker than any other icing method on the market.

If you’d like to join the growing group of horse professionals caring for their horse’s welfare by using advanced methods of equine performance recovery, then Equi-Ice should definitely be on your list to check out! You can buy Equi-Ice for $149.95 online. If you order before November 30, 2016, you’ll also get the launch special of $20 off the medium size.