Help your dog cool off too this Summer!

Equi-Ice are off to the Dog Lover’s Show in Brisbane on the 4th and 5th of November for the launch of Equi-ice4dogs.

The show will play host to numerous exhibitors as well as guest speakers and demonstrations over the course of 2 jam packed days.  Celebrity vets including, Dr Chris Brown (Bondi Vet) and Dr Katrina Warren and her team of wonder dogs will be presenting on the KONG celebrity vet stage.  Whilst, The Royal Canine arena will host multiple demonstrations, including agility, weave pole challenges and a service dog tribute.  It is set to be an amazing weekend full of opportunities to learn from the best in the canine industry as well as shop for anything and everything dog related including equi-ice4dogs!

Equi-ice4dogs is modelled off the effective and popular equine version which is utilised by some of Australia’s top race trainers and riders.  Equi-ice4dogs is not only suitable for the canine athlete but the everyday pet to aid with temperature regulation/cooling and also musculoskeletal /sports injury and recovery.

Because dogs don’t sweat to reduce their body heat like humans, they may require some assistance, particularly in the warmer months. Whilst dogs do have some sweat glands which are located in their paws, they do not facilitate optimal regulation of canine body temperature. Rapid, open-mouthed breathing andpanting is employed as a cooling mechanism, however, panting may also be an insufficient cooling mechanism.  Equi-ice4dogs can improve your dog’s cooling capacity by acting as a cooling mat whereby the stomach and paws can be directly targeted to reduced core body temperature.  Alternatively, equi-ice4dogs can be used as a cooling blanket whereby the cooling effect of melting ice aids in creating evaporative cooling mimicking the effect of having sweat glands.

Equi-ice4dogs is available in 2 sizes and will be in stock at our stall at the Dog Lovers Show.  If you want to discuss how this amazing product can help your canine athlete and companion come on down and have a chat to us on Stand #430.

Alternatively, if you’re not in Queensland, or can’t make the Show, you can visit the equi-ice4dogs.com.au website for more information, or purchase from right here at the Equi-Ice site.

Equi-Ice4Dogs – Small

Equi-Ice4Dogs – Large