Equi-Ice pack being place on the back of a horse

Does Equi-Ice Spook Your Horse?

One misconception about the application of ice to your horse is that it may spook or unsettle your animal.  This is completely false and should not be a concern.

Like any therapeutic treatment, you should always take care when introducing anything to a horse for the first time, however, this is just general horsemanship and common sense.

There are some key things that I recommend for first-time users of Equi-Ice:

  1. Place a towel under the Equi-Ice on the back so the horse understands what the pack is being used for, and in case, your horse is sensitive to drips the towel will absorb them.
  2. Secondly ensure they can shake it off if they need to. This is purely from a safety perspective and will avoid an overreaction if they attempt to remove the product.
  3. Finally don’t fill the Equi-Ice up. Less is more as the pack is designed to allow for the ice pack to disperse in the correct manner to maximize effect and comfort. I generally recommend less than half full and then follow the recommended guidelines regarding flattening and shaking the pack to ensure even coverage.

Equi-Ice is quickly becoming accepted as part of the management process for recovery, pain relief and heat stress and can be applied at the same time as ice boots or the neck Equi-Ice. You will be amazed at how much your horse loves their own Equi-Ice!