Cooling Blankets For Horses: Are They The Best Option To Keep Your Horse Cool?

Cooling Horses In The Summer Heat

cooling-blankets-for-horsesAround the world, rising temperatures can be gruelling on our beloved equine friends, and with the thermometer starting to climb as we head into Summer, you might be starting to think about options to keep your horse cool and comfortable as the temperatures soar.

As you care for your horse in warmer temperatures, it’s important to keep their heart rate down and ensure they are comfortable on hot summer days. Especially after exercise, helping them recover and return to their resting state quickly helps them feel better.

An Alternative to Cooling Blankets For Horses

Cooling blankets for horses are an option – but if you’re looking for something that is even more effective in delivering cooling benefits, you might like to consider icing, and in particular, Equi-Ice equine performance ice packs to deliver faster heart rate recovery for your horse.

A horse cooling blanket, or cooler as they are sometimes called, helps to slowly bring a horse’s body temperature back to normal after a workout.  These tend to be big and bulky, and it takes time to achieve the desired results. While a cooling horse blanket works to wicker away moisture and promote the natural cooling process, Equi-Ice can aid cool downs between events and rides with short term, targeted application.

While Equi-Ice was created specifically for icing your horse’s back muscle groups, placing the ice pack around your horse’s neck also works to dramatically reduce their core temperatures very quickly.  The quicker you can reduce their core temperature and heart rate, the more comfortable your horse will be.

So rather than looking at a cooling blanket for horses, application of Equi-Ice for less than 10 minutes around your horses neck will have the same or a faster result. You’ll immediately notice their increased comfort as you see the relief on their faces and licking their lips.

So if you’d like to make your horse more comfortable this Summer, visit our online store to purchase your equine performance ice pack. This will be this Summer’s hottest accessory in keeping your horse cool.