How to cool down horses quickly – Ice Therapy with Jade Findlay and Equi-Ice

Cooling down your horse quickly after strenuous exercise is so important for it’s recovery and health, and no-one knows this more than Jade Findlay, equestrian and eventing specialist. At the recent Melbourne International 3 Day Event, Jade used Equi-Ice after her cross-country event to cool down her mare.

Reducing your horses core body temperature after exercise or in warmer weather helps with their general comfort, and post eventing, is critical to helping the horse recover. In this video I chat with Jade about how Ice Therapy helps in her practice, and what she likes about Equi-Ice. She highlights that Equi-Ice makes a big difference to her horse’s recovery time and comfortm and estimates that the cool down process is around 10 minutes quicker with Equi-Ice.

Look out for Jade and other members ot Team Equi-Ice competiting in cross country events today at Wallaby Hill.

Equi-Ice delivers many benefits to Eventing horses beyond just the cool-down. It assists with pain and injury management and rehabilitation, reducing inflammationm micro trauma and micro tears to muscles. Icing is non-invasive and horses love it because of the immediate relief it provides.

If you would like to incorporate Equi-Ice into your horse’s recovery plan, you can purchase here.