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Spring Special - 15 % Off 

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Faster Recovery And Enhanced Performance With Just 15 Minutes Of Post Exercise Treatment

Introducing Equi-Ice -  Advanced Cold Therapy For Faster Recovery

A simple, easy to use, affordable and effective icing treatment for your horse

Equi-Ice is the simplest and most effective equine icing system that eliminates pain and promotes healing post-exercise.

Equi-Ice is simple and easy to use:

  • Equi-Ice comes in three sizes and is specifically created for the anatomy of horses so allows for optimal distribution of ice to horse’s key muscle groups, with even and consistent placement during application, resulting in faster recovery for the horse.
  • Equi-Ice uses ice.
  • The Equi-Ice pack is easy and convenient to use. Just fill the compartments with ice and you are ready to go.
  • Equi-Ice packs have a sectioned design to give maximum coverage of direct ice application to your horse’s spine and back muscles. It allows for even placement during icing, which results in a faster recovery for your horse post-exercise or injury.
  • The Equi-Ice pack is durable and re-useable. You can reuse the ice pack over and over saving money. Simply wash it down and dry it ready for next time.

Equi-Ice is suitable for icing the:

  • Wither region
  • Thoracolumbar spine
  • Lumbosacral region
  • Sacroiliac region
  • Costovertebral joints
  • Large back muscles
  • Gluteal muscles
  • Upper hamstring muscles
Advanced Equine Icing Packs

Equi-Ice: Advanced Equine Icing - The Smarter Way To Apply Ice To Your Horse

Equi-Ice is a new product developed by Tom Simpson (Physio Tom), one of Australia’s leading Equine Physiotherapists. After years of studying the best application for effective treatments and working with some of Australia’s leading stables and horses in successful trials, Tom has used his training and experience to develop a product that:

  • Is simple and easy to use.
  • Allows you to apply ice directly to the horses' back or neck immediately after a race or training.
  • Is reusable and cost effective.


If you would like to get started by adding Equi-Ice to your treatment plan, use our simple online ordering system.

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